Restoration Progress 2012-2017

Historic Warren Armory’s primary goal was to open Armory Hall as soon as possible, which was accomplished in 2013, after being closed for almost five years.  Restoration projects included the addition of a new fire alarm system and the relocation of the kitchen and restrooms to the rear of the stage which was added to the east end of the public hall in 1874.  The Armory’s electrical service was upgraded to 400 amps from 200 amps and from an overhead to an underground feed into the building.

Subsequent projects include the restoration of ten diamond pane double hung windows which were painted in their original colors.  The interior of both turrets have been rebuilt and restored. All twenty of their narrow arrow loop windows were also restored and painted their original colors. The 1896 addition to the northeast corner of the armory has been restored and a new heating and air-conditioning system installed.  The stucco facing on the exterior of the two has been restored with granite shape blocks cut into the stucco as it appeared in 1842.

A new and separate heating and air-conditioning system is now functional in the public hall.  Pocket doors have been installed closing off the two turrets from the public hall.  Tin wall panels have been removed from the walls of the public hall. New insulation and a new electrical system and plaster skim coated dry walls have been installed. Painting of the walls will be completed in the summer of 2017.  The restoration and replication of wall paintings that were uncovered when the tin wall panels were removed will follow when funds become available.

The rebuilding of the crenellations on the top of the two turrets is underway and expected to be completed during the summer of 2017.  We were fortunate to have completed the rebuilding of the roof cupola this past December.  There still remains a number of projects that we expect to be completed by the end of 2018 concluding the historic restoration of Armory Hall.