Join Us for Art Night, August 30th, Here at Armory Hall!

Our Doors will be Open at 5:30pm and the Art Night Trolley will make its last stop here at approximately 8:30pm.
Come and see the most recent phase of completed restoration to the Armory Hall wall murals!

Indian Chief, restored.

Armory Hall, in the heart of the Town of Warren’s Historic Waterfront Historic District, was built in 1842 and has been the center of civic, social, military and cultural activities and events now for over 175 years.  Restoration of Armory hall has been ongoing now for ten years uncovering many historic surprises including unique 19th-century wall paintings of Indians and Warren Artillery Company soldiers.

For more about the Art Night Trolley schedule and participating venues see Art Night Bristol Warren


Join Us for Our Annual Clambake Fundraiser!

…or visit EVENTBRITE to purchase online!

Enjoy a great clam bake including beverages, a fabulous raffle and wonderful company on Sunday, September 9, 1:00pm at the Pete Sepe Pavilion in Warren, RI .  All proceeds will go toward the continuing restoration of one of Warren’s historic treasures built in 1842.  You can also purchase tickets on Historic Warren Armory’s face book page and web site. Your attendance and support will be sincerely appreciated!

Artist Richard V. Simpson

Beach Scape with Wind Breaks by Richard V Simpson 1963

Please Join Us on Art Night, June 28th 6-9pm as The Historic Warren Armory hosts an exhibit to celebrate and honor the life and artwork of the late Richard V Simpson, Rhode Island native, historian, writer and artist who passed July 4, 2017.

Richard had returned to painting, which he’d begun in the late 1950’s, with a renewed sense of purpose in the last years of his life. He very much looked forward to sharing his work with the public again. Many were unaware of his deep love of art and knew him either as ‘the local historian’ or that he did an eclectic radio show through Roger Williams University, or maybe as the gentleman that was helping build the 4th of July parade float at the church. He was truly a man with many facets.

We hope you will come and take part in honoring Richard by celebrating the art he was rightfully so excited to share.

Extended hours this weekend at Historic Warren Armory:
Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 12-5pm

2018 Annual Clam Boil


Saturday, May 19th, 6:30-9:30pm

All proceeds to benefit the continued restoration of Warren’s historic 1842 land mark: The Warren Armory Hall.

Tickets are $30
and can be purchased online here at Eventbrite or picked up at:
Don’s Art Shop, 543 Main Street, Warren RI, 02885 or
Tap Printing, 628 Metacom Avenue, Warren, RI 02885.

A Grand Clam Boil will be featured including
Blount Clam Chowder, beer, wine, water and soda.
Raffle Prizes!

Come on By!
Check out our completed restoration work and enjoy some fantastic food and company.

Stage Restored and Floor Finished!

The Drill Hall now that the stage front has been restored and the floor refinished.  Dick Kaiser is currently working on painting the floral design paintings and will progress into painting the soldier profiles over the window openings! Very nice work!
We’ll also be adding picture galleries with additional information about the exceptional restoration of the Indian Head murals soon…

3rd Annual Taste of Warren!

Join us in sampling fantastic foods at The Taste of Warren fundraiser for the Historic Warren Armory! Warren is known as a foodie destination and on March 8th you can enjoy many of these amazing restaurants in one location. A minimum of 11 restaurants will participate along with three tables of wine and spirit tasting.
Tickets are only $25.00 each and all proceeds will be used for the restoration of our 1842 armory.

Tickets available online at Eventbrite and in store at Don’s Art Shop, TAP Printing and Malik’s Liquors.

Join us for our Annual Clam Bake! September 10th, 1-4:00pm!

Historic Warren Armory is holding its  Annual Clam Bake Fundraiser:

Join us for a traditional Rhode Island Clam Bake

Buy Tickets  in person at:
Tap Printing, 628 Metacom Avenue, Unit 6
Don’s Art Shop,  543 Main Street  &
The Coffee Depot at 501 Main Street in Warren.

OR HERE at online
Tickets are $35.

Sunday, September 10, 2017
Pete Sepe Pavilion
Asylum Rd
Warren, RI 02885

If you can’t make the date you can also purchase tickets as a generous ‘donation’.

All proceeds benefit the continued restoration of the Historic Armory Hall!

NOTE: Ticket sales are limited so purchase your tickets early
QUESTIONS: please email

Restoration Priorities, Lanterns and Thank You!

From the beginning, the restoration priorities of Warren’s 1842 Armory Hall project have been hotly debated. What comes first? Should we, the board of trustees, be concerned with making a visual impact on the exterior of the building… or do we target projects that will enable us to reopen the Armory Hall for public use after having been closed for five years. Or, perhaps better still, do we concentrate on making the building as secure as possible by weatherproofing it, to prevent our New England weather from causing further damage… Planning the ‘next logical steps’ was a necessity as was the need to obtain funds from grants, donations, fund-raising events and community activities to make the restoration of Armory Hall a reality.

The initial phase of this type of restoration project is extremely important. We wanted to show our commitment and that the restoration to the Armory Hall was finally underway. We thought the best way to demonstrate this to the community was to enact visible change to the building hence the rebuilding of the large beautiful gothic front entrance doors.

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The second project undertaken was the installation of a new roofing system that was completed by two major Rhode Island construction companies that were made aware of the restoration of one of Warren’s historic landmarks by our President Brigadier  General (Ret.) Richard Valente. The two companies donated their entire labor costs installing the roof and structural materials. We paid only for the materials, thereby receiving a minimum savings of $35,000 dollars!

In 2015 after reviewing the few period photos of the armory exterior that still exist we noted lantern brackets had hung from the upper arrow loop windows of the two turrets but only one lantern was ever used. We then checked the brackets and determined they were different sizes but both made of iron and seemed to be fabricated in the same manner suggesting they were made at the same time. No original lanterns have been found in either the attic or basement of the armory. Why the sizes are different we can’t say and we may never know. Until we find photographic evidence or documentation to explain the size difference the question remains…

However, we wanted to determine the feasibility of having copper lanterns made and see if it was possible to find a fabricator up to the task. Luckily for us, David Ferro at Ferro Weathervanes in Cutler Mills, was right in our own ‘backyard’.  We contacted David and to our delight he was able to rebuild the two custom, period-appropriate, different-sized, copper lanterns for us, and then, to our amazement,  donated them to the Armory, for which we are most sincerely grateful.

From the beginning and throughout the restoration process many people, companies, charitable organizations, craftspeople, photographers and artisans have come to appreciate this unique Warren building and its history, and have come forward to help us. We hope they and others will continue to do so as we move forward. We’re very grateful to them all and want to express our deepest heart-felt Thanks!

1875 Quartermaster General’s Report


The following is included in this report pertaining to the two Revolutionary War cannon owned by the Town of Warren:

“On the 21st of May last, the Gettysburg gun, a twelve-pounder United States brass fieldpiece, on carriage without limber, was received by the State, through Battery B, Rhode Island Light Artillery Association, with imposing ceremonies, and is now deposited in the State arsenal. There is in the custody of the Warren Artillery Company two elegant six (6) pounder field guns cast of bronze, or other mixed metals, highly ornamented, and with the date “Strasbourg, 1760,” cast upon the breech, which are said to be trophy guns of the “Burgoyne capture,” and if these are, it is hoped that when a State House affording sufficient room is erected, these, with the Gettysburg and Bull Run guns, will be placed in a suitable position therein.”

Reading the Declaration of Independence, an NPR tradition.

Hearing the Declaration of Independence read aloud is something that restores faith in the ideals and principles this country was founded upon. It also sheds light on the brilliance, foresight and integrity of our founding fathers. They were looking at the ‘long game’.

The Morning Edition started what has become a yearly tradition whereby people of the media read the Declaration of Independence. This one is from last year in case you miss this year’s due to a backyard barbecue or some such… Happy 4th everyone!