Reading the Declaration of Independence, an NPR tradition.

Hearing the Declaration of Independence read aloud is something that restores faith in the ideals and principles this country was founded upon. It also sheds light on the brilliance, foresight and integrity of our founding fathers. They were looking at the ‘long game’.

The Morning Edition started what has become a yearly tradition whereby people of the media read the Declaration of Independence. This one is from last year in case you miss this year’s due to a backyard barbecue or some such… Happy 4th everyone!

Armory Marker Dedication Ceremony Thursday June 15th 6:30pm

Warren Preservation Society celebrates its second historic site marker installed in front of the Warren Armory. The dedication ceremony is Thursday, June 15th at 6:30 PM at the Armory. Many thanks to Warren Heritage Foundation, the Armory and Warren DPW for contributing to this project. Thanks go to Warren Heritage Foundation, Historic Warren Armory, and Warren DPW for contributing to this project.

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